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MadDad Whisper Sport BRZ / FR-S
MadDad Whisper Sport BRZ / FR-S
List Price: $639.95
Our Price: $639.95
Sale Price: $599.95
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This is the exhaust you wish your BRZ or FR-S came with from the factory, and sticking with the MadDad Whisper series tradition this exhaust looks like it could be a factory sport exhaust. This simple 15 minute bolt-on transforms the sound of your BRZ or FR-S delivering a deep throaty charismatic tone that is sure to put a grin on your face. The "Whisper" in the name means you are ensured an interior sound quality that sets the industry standard, the "Sport" means this exhaust is a hint louder than a normal Whisper axleback...although it is only 1 db louder than stock at warm idle. The 4" double walled tips fill the exhaust cutout so much better than stock, yet they don't scream aftermarket. As is the case with all other exhausts in the Whisper line, the goal was to delivery a  sport exhaust that looks like it could have or should have came from the factory. This Whisper series exhaust, like all other Whisper series is engineered and hand built in the U.S.A. with custom exhaust packing imported from Germany. You won't be disappointed. more info