Daddy's Sport Compact Performance
"Nobody luvz you like Daddy"

Where to begin.....once upon a time......

You might say it all started with the Playstation and Grand Turismo. Like many die hard Subaru Impreza enthusiasts in the U.S., for about 10 years the only way one got their fix of Subaru performance was to play it out in the fantasy world of console racing. When Subaru finally decided to share some love with the U.S. and finally bring over an Impreza WRX, yours truely was one of the fist "bugeye" WRX owners on the block.

Like any true enthusiast, you just can't keep these things stock for long. Some find this next comment quite amuzing but it's also quite true. Daddy's SCP was formed in 2003 as a "hobby" business as an excuse to mount performance parts without yours truely having his wife price match him on every purchase. That's about 50% of the story, the other 50% was just a desire to give all these new WRX owners an honest outlet for a new and growing number of go fast performance parts with the emphasis on performance exhaust systems.

It wasn't long before the "hobby" grew way out of hand. Most of it as a result of the forming of the "MadDad" house brand. Out of a desire to find particular exhaust parts that simply did not exist "MadDad" was formed as a house brand of Daddy's SCP. The first MadDad part was introduced in 2004, a cat delete pipe that looked like it had a cat. It was quickly followed by the very first divorced wastate downpipes to incorporate a hi-flow metal substrate cat. Although these cats are used in a variety of brand products today, MadDad was the first divorced wastegate downpipe with a metal cat and one of the first metal substrate cat downpipes in general. Today MadDad is recogized as one of the most premium based exhaust brands in the Subaru community. The introduction of the MadDad Whisper Series exhausts in late 2004 was the "killer" part that really put the MadDad name in line with the most respected larger company brands, and for good reason. The Whisper series exhaust used a unique blend of U.S engineering and patented exhaust packing imported from Germany to create an incredible 3" catback that eliminated the unwanted sounds and drone that often enter the cabin of the car on many exhaust. This was an engineering feat as it's done without the need of band-aid resonators. Wagon owners hailed it as the holly grail and performance enthusiats with adult tastes appreciated the low db level in the cabin, the low key OEM look, and "adult agression" sound character. It's impossible to go on a Subaru forum today and not be able to find rave reviews when searching for "maddad whisper review"...go do it now.

The MadDad line continued to grow over the years as we saw obvious product gaps in the market. One thing you won't find under the MadDad label is "me too" products. Every MadDad product has unique features that make them stand out from the crowd. Features enthusiasts truley appreciate. From performance gauges that are designed to look like the factory cluster set, to manifolds with build in EGT bungs, to downpipes that incorporate conventional  heatshields where visual inspections are done, to hi-flow 3" catbacks that won't wake the neighbors..MadDad is a small niche company that can do things different due to its small size(no need for 4 levels of approval to get things done) and deep manufacturing/engineering partners.

2009 saw the first non-Suburu part to the MadDad line up with the introduction of the Whisper Series exhausts for the twin-turbo BMW 135i.  The BMW 1 Series community has realized it takes true engineering to create exhausts that sound just as good inside the car cabin as they do outside, with the Whisper Series rightfully earning its reputation as having the least amount of cabin drone of any exhaust available for the 1 Series BMW.

After almost 7 years as of this writting(Nov. 2009) Daddy' SCP and MadDad are still a small family owned business, catering to those with adult enthusiast tastes. We don't continue to do it because we have to, we do it because we love the cars, the people, and the comradery of the community....and oh yeah, I still like putting go fast parts on my car without my wife price matching me :)

Safe and happy drivnig...